SemaTree is changing how software is developed for our enterprise customers by replacing or extending large, monolithic applications that have a notoriously slow development process with a series of focused "microservices." Each microservice serves just the information needed to perform a specific task, combining together to create nimble mobile apps, web applications and customer portals. Companies like Spotify, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and LinkedIn have proven that this development method is not only fast, but is scalable and effective.

Modern, intuitive user interface

We build our apps to be easy to learn, as they mirror the layouts, menus, icons, and behaviors of today's best websites. The look and feel is consistent in both web and mobile apps and is easily adaptable to your corporate brand.

Scalable for the largest enterprises

The transition to microservice applications is easier than you might think as functionality can be rolled out by region, by role, or by feature set. New apps communicate behind-the-scenes with other software or databases to allow you to continue to use your existing systems indefinitely or until a full global implementation is completed.

For use by anyone, anywhere

Multi-platform web and mobile apps allow anyone with an internet connection to log in with secure single-sign-on authentication. Our apps also enable interaction and collaboration with your customers while keeping sensitive information private and protected.

Flexible to handle complex business rules

Enterprise companies face unique challenges when numerous business processes are in play. Microservices are a great solution for complex organizations, as the experience for users of different departments, roles or regions can be adjusted according to each need quickly and without compromise to the integrity of your data.

Expandable development process

Focused "squads" working on a managed set of microservices allow us to build, test and deploy code faster than ever before. Our globally distributed team enables us to quickly react to a customer's needs for projects large and small.

Anchored in today's best technologies

Our web and mobile apps are supported by tried and true technologies, including AngularJS enhanced HTML by Google and RESTEasy, the Red Hat JBoss platform for RESTful Java applications.